Monday, September 17, 2012

Robo/Real Call Kettle Calls Pot Black...Or Is It Red?...Or Blue?


What the heckfire am I on about this time?

Well remember how the FedCon lawyers went after pollster Frank Graves for being a FedLib stooge, and worse, in denigrating his analysis for the Council of Canadians on the potential effects of Robo/Real call voter suppression attempts last week?


Turns out that in 2010-11 the FedCon government of Canada threw bucketloads of money at Mr. Graves to do all kinds of analyses for them.

McSushiboy has the story in an OCit blogpost. Here is the money quote:

"...(FedCon lawer Arthur) Hamilton does not mention that (Graves' company) Ekos received more money in polling contracts in 2010-11 — $897,517.47, to be precise – than any other firm, save for Ipsos-Reid Canada..."

Go figure, eh?


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Anonymous said...

Canada is putrid to the core with corruption. Especially, since Harper's so called majority.

Harper is desperately trying to quash, the investigation of the robo-call cheat. Over half of Canadians, did not want Harper for P.M. Now over 3/4 of Canadians say, Harper cheated to win the election and they want him gone.

What province, besides Alberta of course, wants to be sold out to Communist China? Campbell sold out BC's resources to Communist China.

This robo-call election fraud, stinks so badly, half of Elections Canada are resigning. Harper will likely, stuff as many of his own boys into Elections Canada, as he can fit in. Same with judges. Same with, Harper's own Scientists panel, that will certainly okay the Bitumen. being pumped into BC.

Convince me, BC wouldn't be much more safe, out of Harper's Canada.