Thursday, September 27, 2012

Four Things.


A really, really solid editorial in the VT-C today on what a premier could do to actually govern the province of British Columbia.

The advice was specifically for the always campaigning Ms. Clark but, in my opinion, it would be the way for anyone to go who is in the premier's chair.

The following is just the skeleton. I recommend you go read the whole thing (perhaps even in the dead tree version):

First, Clark should tell her MLAs to knock off the heckling, shouted abuse and interruptions...

Second, Clark should give legislative committees real work to do...

Third, Clark and (opposition leader Adrian) Dix should both allow real free votes...

Fourth, Clark should pledge to stop ramming bills through the legislature without proper debate...

Good advice, no?

I mean, heckfire, you could even write those four things on the back of a napkin and then chant them, mantra-like, while on the daily helijet ride.

Or some such thing.



Anonymous said...

Boessenkool Harper's henchman the drunk groper, was who governed this province. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals are no Liberals, all of them work for Harper. Bruce Carson was convicted of many crimes, he too worked for Harper. I believe he will go to prison, for influence peddling. He was Harper's number one man.

Now that Harper's henchman Boessenkool, failed in his mission to force the Enbridge pipeline through too. I don't doubt the least bit...Harper ordered Christy to permit the Enbridge pipeline. Christy no doubt will say, she got some money out of Redford, for the pipe bursts and the dirty tar tanker spills.

RossK said...

I dunno Anon--

The way the 'Letter to Alison' PR stunt played out yesterday, it would appear that Ms. Clark and minions actually do NOT want to get an actual answer from the premier of Alberta.