Thursday, September 20, 2012

Comedy Noir....Really?


Marc Maron has now posted up more than 300 podcasts wherein he talks to all manner of folks, many of them comedians, some of them musicians, about what they do and how they do it.

And, somehow, mostly by listening and then following up, hard, on what the interviewee actually says, Maron almost always gets to the heart of the matter*.

I have listened to at least 200 of these things, and I think I've learned something of interest from just about all of them, including the sessions with Paul Feig (the Freaks 'N Geeks guy), David Cross (T. Funke), J Garofalo and, especially, Jonathan Winters.

But last week I was blown away by an interview with a local Lotuslandian and kinda/sorta failed stand-up named Kliph Nesteroff who now chases down the true tales of comedians from long ago.

And the stories of the grit, and the grift, and the bits, and the guns, and the molls, and the mobsters is absolutely fascinating.

It truly is a whole new genre that I never even knew existed.

Mr. Maron's conversation with Mr. Nesteroff, which is not safe for work (unless it's going right into your head) is here.

And you can read Nesteroff's stuff here.

Try it.

*The one exception, I distinctly recall being 'Carrot-Top'.


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