Saturday, September 29, 2012

Was It Really 'Web Chatter' That Got The Wurlitzer Cranking?


Ian Mulgrew, writing in the VSun today, makes the case that it was 'web-chatter' that drove the feeding frenzy that erupted in the wake of story in a local not-quite mainstream newspaper that was based on the affadavits of a number of folks that went to schools in Burns Lake 40 years ago.

But here's the thing....

Check the google - just type in the appropriate surname and there are literally hundreds of MSM reports on the story, both the accusations and the denials.

Even more importantly, and anti-web chatterish, however was the way the local Lotuslandian electronic media responded.

Take CKNW, for example.

Heckfire, they were on it all afternoon the day after the source story was published. In addition, Dan Russell, on his sports talk show ran a panel 'discussion' on the thing for an entire hour later that night.

So, in light of all this, I would posit that, to a great extent, the herd-like stampede of the  so-called 'legitimate' media actually drove the 'web chatter'.

Which means that, perhaps, the frenzy, as well as, according to Mr. Mulgrew, the premature 'drawing and the quartering'  just might not be the fault of the great unwashed but rather, well, you know....



Anonymous said...

way o/t

I got sued for $3 Million by a religious cult --

In December 2011 I was shocked to open the post and discover that I had been served with a Statement of Claim issued by a Canadian court. I was being sued for $3 million, not for something I had personally written, but for an anonymous comment posted by somebody else on my blog.

Was this truly credible, could a UK citizen living in the UK actually be sued from a Canadian court for a comment posted on a blog hosted by a US-based ISP. The short answer to that is yes

RossK said...

We've had a lot of conversations here, very few of which, I would think, have been objectionable, even by Canadian standards....I've stepped in a few times, but mostly that has been to control trolls and a couple of times we've had a few folks try to 'out' people - not to out me (my identity is very thinly veiled), but to out other commenters.

Now, a lot of the decorum 'round here probably stems from the fact that I'm mostly preaching to the choir around here....But more importantly, I think it is because commenters know I'm actually paying attention to content and conversation vs. trying to rub out just obscenity, etc. as occurs on so many media sites and problogs.