Friday, September 28, 2012

RoboRealCall Update....The Limited Hangouts Have Officially Begun!


Well, whadd'ya know.

All of a sudden the big money FedCon lawyers have given in.

Because they are no longer challenging new evidence in the Voter Suppression suit being brought by the Council of Canadians.

From the CBC's report yesterday:

Lawyers for the Conservative Party have dropped their objections to new expert evidence being entered in the ongoing legal battle over robocalls in last year's federal election campaign.

Arthur Hamilton, a lawyer for the party, said Thursday morning that he and a lawyer for the Council of Canadians, which is acting for voters trying to overturn the results in seven ridings, had agreed to argue the merits of the new evidence before the judge at trial, rather than fighting about whether the material should even be filed...


Why, you might ask yourself would they suddenly do this, apparently out of the blue?

My guess is that the answer is right there in the next sentence of the unbylined report from the MoCo.

...The case is scheduled to be heard Dec. 10 to 14....

So, recapping....

1) Accuse, accuse, accuse/demonize, demonize, demonize.

2) Suddenly retreat.

3) Buy time.

4) Rinse and repeat, ad infinitum.

And each time, hangout as little as possible until you play out the clock completely.

After all, pretty soon 2015 will be just around the corner.

Of course, there is the added bonus of we can't tell you anything because 'it's before the court'....Think that's bunk 'em?....Ever heard of a little thing that lasted 7 years and two election cycles known as Railgate?



Beijing York said...

This is absolutely frustrating. Meanwhile, my MP who is in one of the ridings COC targeted in their case, is bragging about the CPC sending 500 observers to the Ukraine to ensure they have fair elections. The hypocrisy is amazing. One wonders why the Ukraine and why so many people in these days of so-called austerity?

lungta said...

Seems like a lot to cover in 4 days, unless of course.....
I really hope that trust can be restored to the electoral process

Anonymous said...

Stephen Harper Got Punked - Twice

Once when some weird organization named him the Statesman of the Year, and he accepted.

secondly, when "Harper thought he was chatting with Quebec politician Francois Legault in a French-language conversation to be aired Monday. The prime minister congratulated the third-party leader for fighting the new Parti Quebecois government's plan to increase taxes on high income-earners while, at the same time, he cautioned against toppling the minority government too fast."

RossK said...


As Owen Gray mentioned the other day, it really does seem that 'hypocrisy is the name of the game'.


Pur another way...We are all Straussians now (we just don't know it yet).


Good point...One week in the pre-holiday doldrums... We shall see...My prediction...More stall tactics, on a massive scale, to try and get to the next hangout...One positive - the judge has done at least a signaling that the nonsense is just that


Simon has, indeed, been on fire recently...Check that, he pretty much always is...I think of him kinda/sorta as the Montreal version of this guy.


kootcoot said...

Ross, you musta got caught up on your science geed chores, because you've been on fire yourself the while

RossK said...