Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Whose Lawyers Are Taxpayers Paying For Anyway?


The COC or the CPC?

Well, Pogge, by way of a solid CBC report, has an answer.

And yes, it is just may be turn out to be as suspected:

"...the Council of Canadians argues that it would impede access to justice if voters are required to deposit large amounts of money in order to contest an election...
...The council also says that its voter clients are public-interest litigants, and that the money raised to set up a defence fund for them comes from donors' pockets with no hope of a tax receipt. Meanwhile, the Conservative MPs, whose legal bills are being paid by the Conservative Party, can issue generous tax receipts for donations to their campaigns, and the party can as well, the Council of Canadians says..."

Follow the Voter Suppression Pre-Trial Hearings via the COC's twitter feed, here...


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