Sunday, September 23, 2012

The Globe And (NoLongerEmpireButNowMLSJunk) Mail


Well, well, well....

If we didn't know better we might think that the BellGlobeRDSEverythingElseMedia editors who toil deep-in-the-bowls of center of the universe's flagship might have decided the time has come to run a little deflector spin for Dame Meg.

By unleas(h)ing the.....

Wait for it....

Selfless-self promoting real estate column-bot otherwise known as Ms. Leah McLaren:

"My charming red brick Victorian row house was originally built in late 1800s on a street that first housed the workers at the Massey Ferguson agricultural machinery parts factory (now a luxury condo conversion to the south on King Street West)....

{snippety doodle-dopey}

....As much as I hate the idea of leaving 90 Massey, a more suitable home must be found. I’m saying goodbye to my urban worker’s cottage and hope to do safe in the knowledge that the next owners will love to the place as much as I did. Honestly, how could they not?

All just oooh, ahhhh, material girl gone grown-up or something, right?

Except, that the thing is actually fronted with this:

The Listing:
90 Massey St., Toronto
Asking price: $599,000
Taxes: $3030.95
Agent: Marny Hersenhoren, Royal LePage




Chris said...

Almost as funny as the other story in the Globe's real estate section, the one with the headline that reads: "The Vancouver Special: A template for chic living". Over a story about a house that sold for ... $1.3 million.


Anonymous said...

o/t - BC Rail

just a little reminder from 2003:

"The B.C. government could be forced to compensate CN Rail by as much as $900 million for lost tax writeoffs, eating up most of the $1 billion it sold the railway for."

"The province agreed to compensate CN Rail if federal tax officials reject part of the sale deal that gave CN Rail access to $2 billion in tax losses that BC Rail couldn't use.CN Rail paid $250million for the tax writeoffs, but the money has been sitting in a fund ever since, collecting interest at nine per cent a year. The Canada Revenue Agency has not ruled yet on the tax agreement."

"The agreement was negotiated in 2003." - Vancouver Sun

'A billion here, a billion there; pretty soon you're talking about real money.'

Beijing York said...

What passes for journalism or opinion making these days probably has both Edward Murrow and Mark Twain spinning in their graves. Leah MacLaren has never been more than a hipster sales clerk, pimping lifestyle products for her like-minded followers.

kootcoot said...

"By unleasing the"

I think you meant "unleashing,"
but unleasing kinda works!