Friday, September 21, 2012

Minor Con Defection: Looks Like Ron Obvious Was Wrong Again.


This morning we mentioned how the flies buzzin' round the Lotuslandian media herd's eyes were all a tizzy with twits and tweets about the LINO's big lunchtime announcement out in Chilliwack.


Gary Mason even went so far as to suggest, only half-jokingly, that there might be a LibCon Cold Fusion announcement coming.

We figured that it was much more likely, based on past performance, that Jelly Roll and friends would try and stick a shiv in the coming BCCon Convention spin-cycle by announcing a minor defection.

Looks like we were right.

Because it's uber high-profile (ya, that's right uber!, as in third place bye-bye finisher uber-doober!!!) John Martin, jumping from Cons to dead fish LINO's.

But never mind all that.

The real question the herd should be asking today is whether Ms. Clark can even hold Quilchena next time out.




Anonymous said...

maybe he should be renamed ron oblivious?


kootcoot said...

Where is Hansen's riding and who is Ron Obvious or Oblivious. Mary used to always give me the gears for using nicknames my readers might not get - but I do love them and usually get them, but sometimes I'm kinda slow.

Kim said...

And what does Quilchena MEAN?

RossK said...

Ron Obvious...


(where'd the Hansen resignation story go you may be asking yourself?....Stephen Conflicty Smart told SQuinn this afternoon that the Martin thing was 'a pretty significant floor-crossing' Mr. Martin even allowed on the to the floor of the I said ...Flies buzzing around their eyes.

Anonymous said...
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RossK said...

Spam removal, above.

kootcoot said...

Ross, you know, don't ya? that you can get rid of spam, or any unwelcome comment without even leaving this part.

"This comment has been removed by a blog administrator."

Of course you may have wanted the deleted to know that you for sure deleted him/her/it.

Email me if you don't know how. That's way so far I don't force my older readers to use magnifying glasses or moderate at all, unless it is a comment to an older (14 days) post.

kootcoot said...

Jeez Ross, you must be a mean teacher, if you do teach as well as do research. The link for Ron Obvious forced me to yet another link and I still don't know, unless Gary Mason hisself is you know Mr. Obvious. It ain't that obvious to me....though I did award Mr. Mason my first Leaden Gyro (for spincasting) for his wonderful holiday piece about Dave Basi and his wife in bed, and how mean everyone was being to them.

Even the Quilchena hint make my brain struggle, since I've lived very little in Van, and when I did I didn't live in that neighborhood. But even though it was cryptic, I can guess it borders the ocean maybe and the Kits-Pt Grey riding that is the entitled riding for premiers, both elected and pretend, ever since the default premier riding moved down from Kelowna.

I guess you would be or are a good teacher, making your students work their brain is better than feeding them info!

I wonder how many robot traps I'll have to attempt before I can get one I can read?

Gotta go, got a gig in Sandon this afternoon!