Monday, September 17, 2012

Another 'Cut' That Ms. Clark Must Own...


Remember when Christy Clark shot her mouth off about shortfalls at Translink re: the Evergreen Line?


Well let me remind you, from last spring:

Premier Christy Clark has announced a full audit of TransLink to try to find money to pay for the Evergreen transit line and other projects and avoid imposing a vehicle levy or another carbon tax on drivers.

"There is still a funding gap for the Evergreen Line - $30 million - and we are going to find that through an audit of TransLink," said Clark at the end of a campaign-style stop in Port Moody to introduce the two Liberal candidates in the upcoming April 19 byelections in 
Port Moody-Coquitlam and Chilliwack-Hope.

"TransLink is a $1-billion organization. We are not going to find it through a vehicle levy or other sources. We are going to find it within TransLink," Clark said....

And now, today, Translink has tried to put lipstick on its stuck, post-audit, pig.

Or maybe we should call it a three-legged pig.

Because with the cuts it announced today, cuts that Ms. Clark insisted they make, Translink has, essentially, severed one of its limbs:

...Projects that won't go ahead include: 306,000 hours of bus service, the White Rock Centre extension on the King George Boulevard B-Line service; expanded SeaBus service to provide 15-minute service on Sundays and holidays in fall, winter and spring and 10-minute off- peak frequency on Highway 1 rapid bus service....


How do those suddent revenue/toll 'cuts' announced last week, coupled with the massive overruns of that P3 failure of a bridge that the taxpayers protector, Mr. Jordan Batemen, pushed so hard for, look now....


Of course, the VSun will not be able to make Ms. Clark own this policy failure because, well, they're all on an extended three hour cruise at the moment.



North Van's Grumps said...

In some ways RossK, I'm kind of glad that I've been having trouble logging onto your own damn fault it turns out.....

As to Jordan Bateman, are we talking about the Former Langley BC Liberal riding association PRESIDENT, who wrote on his blog on September 2, 2010 that the BC Liberal government's handling of the HST has been one blunder after another and the minister, Colin Hansen, should resign.

How is it that Bateman has suddenly stopped being a proponent of the BC Liberals, for nine years, and is now to be trusted?

Was he another BC Liberal, like Bill Bennett (now a Minister of Christy's) who was taken out behind the barn and spat upon by Gordon Campbell? Is that why Bateman is now AGAINST the BC Liberals?

West End Bob said...

"drf" and I are both chuckling over the three hour cruise Skipper . . . . ;-)