Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Real 'Sickness' In Christy Clark's Victoria...


....Is detailed in a very important North Shore News Op-Ed penned by Elizabeth James who was writing about the narrowing of the definitions of autism that is shutting some kids out of assisted schooling.

The following is the kicker:

....Let me get this straight - children with conditions for which early and appropriate interventions are essential if the best possible learning and social outcomes are to be achieved, are now expected to mark time while the system gets its ducks in a row?....

{snippety doo-dah}

Am I being too harsh when I echo (letter-writer L.) Clemens' comment, "This inhumanity must stop."

Tough; I'll echo it anyway because it borders on the criminal for a self-described "business-savvy" government to allow these kids to go wanting while it runs up a provincial debt towards $60 billion; squanders millions on a stadium roof; $6 million on legal fees to end the BC Rail trial; $30 million to make the Boss Energy misfeasance lawsuit go away, and who knows how many dollars to keep Christy Clark's travel budget fed...

Go read it all.

Because this, not whether or not Ms. Clark is pretending to like working in Victoria (or not, depending on the nature of that day's particular variation of the grift), is the stuff that actually matters.


And don't forget, when Lindsay Kines of the VT-C demonstrated that the Campbell/Clark government was throwing the adult disabled out of their longterm care-homes for no good reason at all, Ms. Clark had the sick gall to accuse those who raised the issue in the legislature (remember that?) of 'playing games'....


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