Monday, September 24, 2012

The Truth And The Consequences Of Ms. Clark's...

...Run From The Sickness And The Culture

From the VT-C's Lindsay Kines:

Premier Christy Clark's decision to cancel the fall sitting of the legislature means a further delay in expanding the powers of B.C.'s Representative for Children and Youth.

Clark promised earlier this year to give Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond the ability to advocate for vulnerable young people until they reach age 24.

Under current rules, Turpel-Lafond loses the ability to help once they turn 19. This has created problems for her office, particularly when it tries to help youth with developmental disabilities as they enter adulthood and responsibility for their care shifts from the Children's Ministry to Community Living B.C.

The premier said in January that the government would expand Turpel-Lafond's powers as part of a 12-point, $40-million plan to fix problems at Community Living B.C. and improve services for adults with developmental disabilities.

Her government failed to introduce the necessary bill during the spring sitting of the legislature, and with no session this fall, it will be next year before Turpel-Lafond gets the tools she needs...

I guess Ms. Clark was right last week because, clearly, some people really will say anything to try and get elected.



This important story from Mr. Kines is not some codswallop about bogus third-place candidate poaching that, according to the CBC's Stephen Smart, left the BC Cons 'reeling'.

Instead, it is a story about real people, people that need our help most, that Ms. Clark is shafting with her cynical ploy to avoid both legislative and media scrutiny of any real substance while her surrogates, conflicted water-carriers, and smear-site merchants attempt to drive everyone else's negatives as high as her own.

Because, based on the evidence so far, that is clearly their only real strategy.

And it's despicable.

And Ms. Clark needs to be called out on it.

Long, hard and repeatedly.

Because she's supposed to be running this province, not just her own extended, two year-long election campaign.




Anonymous said...

" not just her own extended two year long election campaign." This is truly typical of the arrogant Liberal party. I've said it before and I can't understand why people are not storming her office. This so-called Premier is using public funds to sponsor her election bid. If you are a true believer in the Green party or whatever, it doesn't matter because you are paying all her expenses right now to get elected. You are right someone has to put an end to this BS.

Guy in Vic

Anonymous said...

We needed to do something about Gordon Campbell too. He too, lied and cheated to win his elections. He thieved this province blind. So far he has got away with his crime, thieving and selling our BCR. It took forever to get rid of him. However, we got rid of the monster Campbell, and got another monster in his place.

In Canada, corrupt politicians are rewarded for their dirty work. To get rid of, the rot of corruption...we have to start at the top of the food chain, with Harper. Otherwise, the rot keeps on growing back. That's what happens with fungus too.

To make matters worse. The Campbell/Clark BC Liberals work for Harper.

Campbell, when he ever did open Parliament, would bugger off out of the country. Harper prorogues Parliament. All skunks smell alike.

RossK said...


In my opinion, the issue is that the legislative press gallery has to start covering all the legislative things that Ms Clark et al. are NOT doing instead of writing endless stories about poll numbers and minor-league defections that they all jump on a helijet to cover at the drop of a hat



At this point it is important to remember that Mr. Boessenkool is not Ms. Clark's FedCon patient zero.



e.a.f. said...

Ms. Clark is not going to call the legislature into session & there isnt anyone who can make her do so. The msm isn't going to write about it because they appear to be more interested in her & her continuing in her position than about the citizens of B.C. who buy their papers.

Ms. Clark & the lieberals don't care about children in B.C. We have had the highest child poverty rate in canada for 8 consecutive yrs. /Does anyone really think Clark will call the legislature to session just so some developmentally disabilied youth can be offered protection to which they are entitled? not going to happen.

As far as the leiberals are concerned they would much prefer they all die. Now some will say I have been rather harsh with that comment but after 11 yrs. of lieberal rule that is the only conclusion I can come to. They don't care about children, they don't care about developmentally delayed youth, disabiled adults, any one who is sick. they just care about how much money they can collect as their salaries & how much money their "friends" can make from government contracts.

Anonymous said...


- Was this the first time, or did Boessenkool come to BC to escape infamy elsewhere? Is Boessenkool being passed around like a priest? He does seem to get around.

- When Christie Clark told Brian Hutchinson that Victoria is a "sick culture" was she thinking of Boessenkool?

- Two weeks to do the Boessenkool investigation? That does not work with: "I was involved in an incident where I acted inappropriately. I was wrong, regretted my behaviour very much and immediately and unconditionally apologized." That should have been a 2 minute conversation - end of investigation. Could Christie be lying? AGAIN?

RossK said...


While I agree with you in the main.

I do not agree with your last point. Instead, I would bet that many pols compartmentalize such that they can think of those folks not as real people but instead as pieces on the board of a great game.


Think we have to wait for some actual facts....Looks like all kinds of people are spouting off in all kinds of directions...And I'm not just talking about proMedia types here...


Anonymous said...

Vaughn Palmer writes: "...the allegation against Boessenkool — which involved a female government staffer and took place at a Victoria bar." --

Public Service Act (because, as VP points out, the PSA is going to play a role in evaluating CC's actions) --

a small morsel to nibble on: . “These are personnel matters, as I’m sure you can appreciate. It’s important to respect the privacy of the individuals involved,” said Clark, confirming, through her use of the plural “individuals” that Boessenkool had somehow interacted with at least one other person in a way that necessitated his departure.

Ian Reid thinks there's some two tiered justice at work here -- One law for regular employees, another for the Premier’s #1 guy -- "Three weeks ago, contrary to the “privacy laws” the Premier follows, the Health minister provided a significant amount of information about the fired and suspended staff in her ministry." --

RossK said...

Thanks Anon--


Did Ms. Clark's office call for time to respond and then submarine Global's (non-Baldrey) correspondent?