Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Business Bund Backs Transit



They are even starting to lobby the CampbellClarkMcLeanKinsellaMorganShepardSmearSite Government for more funding.

And that includes the Condo Kings!

Frances Bula has the story. Below are a couple of bites out of her lede:

Alarmed by the increasingly shambolic state of transit financing in the Lower Mainland, local business groups are quietly launching special lobbying efforts and task forces to try to find a more coherent approach...
{snippety doo-dah}
...“It just seems to be going around and around with no solutions,” said Anne McMullin, chief executive officer of the Urban Development Institute, which represents the region’s major condo and commercial developers. “But it’s access to transit that makes people looking at our products want to buy.”
Her group has begun visiting Victoria to lobby for a more logical approach to transit funding...

But here's the thing.

Are they (ie. the lobbyists) telling Ms. Clark's minions that their masters would be willing to help pay for it?

The transit, I mean.

And yes, the 'Urban Design Institute' is a real thing....Why, they even generate press rel.....errrrr...'publications', 'reports', 'presentations' and 'analyses' and everything.



e.a.f. said...

I would suggest the developers are getting anxious because people may choose not to purchase their product because they either can't get to work easily or it will cost them too much. I condo in /Surrey is fine, but when you add the cost of getting to work, it maybe beyond the budget. You may live in Vancouver but the kids & grandkids are in the burbs, do you want to pay everytime you go across a bridge?

I expect employers may become a little more anxious with all the tolls & fees. If it becomes too expensive to go to work it may be just as financially advantageous to work closer to home, for less money.

If you look at a $300 a month gas bill, then add in the tolls, you could work closer to home for about $400 a month less & still come out even & save a lot of time commuting.

Anonymous said...

Developers make a good deal of money by building around transit hubs.

They want more of them.

They worked out a deal long ago in Vancouver to pay a fee for the increased value of their land when transit goes in.

So they want transit to make money and believe they can make it, even after factoring in their increased costs.

So your question is correct: if they want it so much, are they willing to adjust the money they kick in?

motorcycleguy said...

This has already happened at our available transit that provides a reasonable travel time to industrial areas where work is done...high cost of commuting across the Port Mann or the Golden Ears to get here...compounding effect of too much traffic because there is too little transit to serve the densification being promoted by developer friendly city councils...we have lost a bunch of real good young guys that have families at home wanting them to get there sooner....with enough money leftover in their pocket after fee enterprise takes its toll

RossK said...


It's a tough decision...And it really is made all the tougher because I can't see how the average family can even consider trying to buy in the CoV...We live in the area that S. Quinn dubbed the 'next hip neighbourhood' yesterday on the Ceeb...While I have a lot of respect for Mr. Quinn on a whole lotta levels, that is just plain dumb...Nobody hip, or young with kids, sans german SUVs, can afford to buy a $900K bungalow... And just to be very clear here, this is on the Eastside....Sheesh.


Good point.

So what they are really lobbying for is more hubs?


Having good, reliable transit to go somewhere you need to get to regularly for work really is an amazing thing...The amount of time and money I now save because I no longer have to drive to/park at the Airport for work-associated cigar tube riding is astounding...We should make that happen for your co-workers too.