Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mike de Jong 'Hammers' Adrian Dix For...

...Speaking to British Columbians like adults.

British Columbia NDP Leader Adrian Dix said that while it's necessary for the government to balance budgets over the business cycle, it's pointless to have a balanced budget law that's regularly ignored.

He made the comment during an exchange with reporters following his speech to the Union of B.C. Municipalities convention in Victoria.

"[I] think we should actually balance the budget, and not do what the Liberal government does, which is have a law but not balance the budget," he said.....


...Finance Minister Mike de Jong said he's concerned that one of Dix's first political promises involves getting rid of a law that seeks to keep the province's finances in line.

"It's troubling," said de Jong.

"Even before being in a position to potentially govern, Mr. Dix and the NDP are saying those rudimentary rules of not spending more than you take in shouldn't apply to an NDP government."...


Hey Mike.

So, I guess what you are really saying is that we should actually haul you and yours off to the hoosgow, toute de cookie recipe sweet.

Because, after all, you and yours have been breaking....errrr...making 'exceptions' to that law, repeatedly, for years now.


Please note: The CBC's conflictyer legislative reporter, Mr. Stephen Smart has a report that  Mr. Dix is on the the 'hotseat' for his comments given Mr. de Jong's response (who actually frames it by indicating that 'municipal' politicians must balance their budgets) is currently running in heavy rotation on the MoCo (and is NOT given any of the context that Mr. Smart attempted to give Stephen Quinn when he was interviewed by the latter)....Sheesh.



Anonymous said...

This is the same Mike de Jong who tells the Province that times are tough & imposes a hiring freeze. Mike de Jong who is on top of BC's finances & say's we must tighten our belts. Then the Liberals agree to spend $1 million on a hypothetical Senate election that the B.C. Liberals have not yet approved by legislation, then through Rich Coleman announce a $120 million tax credit to the Oil & Gas industry, then 29 million to Camosun College (no arguing it's need), All this after he say's the Province must watch it's spending. And now he wants to criticize the NDP.... it's not like the Liberals have ignored the "Balanced Budget Law".... oh wait...they have... the silly idiots.

Guy in Victoria

Anonymous said...

Also, a cut in the toll fares.

RossK said...

Guy and Anon--

And six mill to bri.....errrr...end the Railgate Trial.


Anonymous said...

RE: Stephen Smart

CBC Office of the Ombudsman
Make a Complaint

RossK said...


Been done by Mr. Adey.

Ombudsman ruled - conflicty

MoCo chose to ignore.


Owen Gray said...

Hypocrisy is the name of the game.

RossK said...


I fear you are correct.

But why, seriously...


Is it it this notion of balance where if one person says one thing they go to someone on the opposite side for a comment and then just run with it, un-fisked or fact-checked?


kootcoot said...

Do these folks, like Ding Dong and BC Snookie actually hear themselves when the speak or is the interior of their heads overwhelmed by their own private muzak filled with songs about unicorns?