Friday, September 28, 2012

Is Ms. Clark Really Playing Us For Saps?


Premier Christy Clark, making good on her promise to get away from the 'sick culture' that engulfs the legislature, and various assorted sundry outer buildings in Victoria, was in Okanagan the other day.

Here is a bit of Dean-free (see what I did there Jelly Roll?) report from the Kelowna News' Grant Scott:

Premier Christy Clark took some time during her appearance in Kelowna Thursday morning to clarify remarks she made in an interview last spring that referred to the seat of government as a "sick culture" devoid of "real people."...

{snippety doo-dah}

I don't think British Columbians want to see politicians stuck in the cocoon of Victoria. You know what you end up with when you're there? You end up with ideas like the HST. How do you think the government came up with an idea to implement a new tax without telling anybody about it and then without going and explaining it to people afterwards? They were stuck in the cocoon of Victoria."

Clark added that once in the legislature, politicians become heavily influenced by pundits, pollsters and lobbyists.

"Lots of useful work gets done, (in the legislature) but if you spend all your time there, that's how you come up with bad ideas, because you're only hearing from politicians and pundits. I think government has to connect with British Columbians."...


Anybody who thinks that the HST was incubated and then hatched in Victoria by legislative pupae in cocoons, and not by mealworms in the dankest, darkest most secret corner of the 'former' Premier's office in Vancouver,  really is delusional.


Just playing us for saps.


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