Friday, September 28, 2012

The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.


The garage band I was in when I was a kid really did revel in the 'Hey, f*ck you!' model of The Ramones.

In the DIY sense of the phrase I mean, especially from a musical, 'We don't have to sound like 'Styx' or 'Emerson Lake and Palmer', point of view.

Which meant that we also didn't even really have to know how to play our instruments when we started to have a heckfire lot of fun.

Thing was, back then CBGB's was a world away (or maybe even five or six) before punk broke on the west coast of Canuckistan.

Especially because we were in Victoria, not Vancouver.

But all that changed soon thereafter.

And it is really, really different now.

Case in point, 'The Japandroids', two kids who met in Victoria, and this summer took Chicago by storm.

You can hear the whole show, which was done for WBEZ's 'Sound Opinions' and will be coming to an NPR station near you this weekend,  here.

And you can get all the geek-laden footnote goodness here.


As for the rest of you kids....

Get off my lawn!

And turn down those goddamned guitars!

All joking and slightly snarky old guy smack aside, have a listen....The kids really do Victoria proud and give props to the other kids they played with and were influenced by there/here...In addition, they make the point that, now, Victoria is a better place to play, venue-wise, than Vancouver...Wow!



Mr. Beer N. Hockey said...

Sounding a tad like some of the best Stranglers' stuff even without a psychedelic organ circling them like a buzzard with exceptionally dilated pupils. You may have just sold a record for the Sick City boys should I one day see one in a record store. (I have been trying to come up with a suitable fictional name for Victoria for years and there it is!)

RossK said...

Stranglers - ya.