Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Hey, US Americans...Save Your Media...Vote Romney!


Because, according to the WaPo's Dana Milbank:

...President Obama has many talents, but he is not good copy. He speaks grammatically, in fully formed paragraphs. He has yet to produce a scandal of any magnitude. He is maddeningly on message, and his few gaffes — “you didn’t build that,” “the private sector is doing fine” — are inflammatory only out of context. If it weren’t for the occasional relief offered by Joe Biden, the Samaritans would have installed a suicide-prevention hotline in the White House press room by now...

As for Mr. Romney, well....

...At these times of declining revenue, we in the media need to stay true to our core interests. As the old saying goes, we should “vote the story.” And the better story in this election is clearly President Romney.

Romney’s hit parade — insulting the British, inviting Clint Eastwood to the Republican convention, flubbing Libya and now dismissing half the nation as parasites — may make good copy for the next seven weeks. But if we go easy on the man, we could have four years of gaffes instead of just seven more weeks. Admittedly, this may not be the best outcome for the country, or for the world. But in this race, there is no denying that one man will give us much better material...

Go figure.

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kootcoot said...

Good Catch Ross, and unfortunately so true. I remember the comedians from SNL to Stewart and Colbert were somewhat concerned that with a coherent Preznit they would have to dig much deeper for the money shots, after being spoiled by eight years of Cheney/Bu$h and their clown car of associates. You can't write stuff like they served up on a platter.

I wasn't payin' as much attention back in the day, but the punditry must have been severely disappointed with the ascension of Harcourt after the easy pickings of Mr. WoodenShoes who wrote columns for them.

BTW, the opening bit on the first SNL of the season featuring the thin black guy as Obama, approving the ad and the stockier black guy bemoaning how Mitt and Bain had chased every company he ever worked for to put him out of work was excellent. In the end, Bain even bought out his own shoe shine stand that he had started after a name change to send it to China. If you didn't catch it I'm sure it's on the web as a clip.

RossK said...


Really was satire from Mr. Milbank.

I guess the bonus here is that he never would have dared to write the same column during, say, the 2004 campaign.