Thursday, July 18, 2013

BC Ferries Giftcards?...Guess I-Pods Weren't Available.


You heard the story late last week....

A BC Ferries program to give workers $300 gift cards to encourage them to stay healthy is raising concerns with critics who say the public and the government are already paying too much for ferry service.

The publicly-owned company is planning to award as many as 3,000 employees with cards that will be redeemable at sports and recreation retailers or used to reimburse fitness centre fees.

The perk will cost BC Ferries about $900,000 and is meant to recognize employees for an “excellent safety record achieved in the past fiscal year.”...

Which sure reminded me, initially, of a bizarro-world variation of the Telus 'buy the workers off for an I-Pod rather than a fairly-bargained contract' strate(r)gy from awhile back.

But, as I said, that was my initial thought.

And then Laila Yuile heard from some readers which led her to contact a BC Spokesthingy to ask if the BC Ferries honchos decided to give themselves super, double-probation-secret across-the-board raises of something on the order of 10%.

The Spokesthingy did not answer the direct question either way, but she did tell Laila that BC Ferries Executive Compensation will be about two months late this year.


Did those that need it least use those need it most as deflector-spin outrage for what is to come?

They wouldn't do a thing like that....

Would they?


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