Thursday, July 25, 2013

This Is The Kind Of Thing That Sent People Into The Streets In Sao Paulo.


From Peter Meiszner of Global News:

...Translink CEO Ian Jarvis is warning bus passengers to be prepared for more frustration this fall.

Jarvis says it is possible more and more commuters will be left waiting at bus stops, as crowded buses zoom by.

He says that’s because Translink does not have enough money to increase bus service in areas with high demand...


No money for buses.

But, luckily we are going to have all those station-clogging turnstiles and computerized pads everywhere:

...Translink is already telling passengers to expect very crowded conditions for back to school in September.

The transportation authority is also coming under fire for giving free rides to homeless people. Translink is set to introduce their new Compass card system this fall and is working to determine how to continue the practice. Riders will be required to tap in and out when entering and exiting buses...


How much, precisely, is this 'Compass' system costing us?

And who, exactly, is lined up at the trough to collect it?

The money (that could have been spent on increased bus service) I mean.

If you get my drift.


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