Thursday, July 11, 2013

PavCo Responds...But Does Not Say Exactly What Is Proposed For It's New Casino-Industrial-Complex.


As we noted earlier today, Bob Mackin has broken the news of a new, apparently highly subsidized, lease deal between the Las Vegas gaming concern 'Paragon' and the provincial government development concern known as 'PavCo' to build something or other on 'Site 10a' on the west side of BC Place.

And Jordan Yerman, writing in the Vancouver Observer, tells us that he has now, apparently, gotten a response (of sorts), from PavCo:

...A follow-up response from PavCo reads, "The development of land by BC Place has always been part of the overall revitalization plan for the stadium. This latest development is part of an ongoing process which began back in 2009 when Paragon Gaming was selected through an RFP process. In 2011, after an extensive public consultation, the City of Vancouver approved the relocation of the Edgewater Casino under its existing gaming license. PavCo has remained in discussions with Paragon Gaming since 2011 and the signing of the Updated Master Development Agreement is a continuation of this.”...


Do the fine Fassbenderless folks now running PavCo really want to stick by that '2009' date for the start of the 'ongoing process' that 'began' when Paragon was 'selected through an RFP process'?

After all, there is....


Regarding the link, directly above, to Ian Reid's important March 2012 post based on documents he received from  in response to an FOI request, I added a little more context at the time....Here.


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