Saturday, July 27, 2013

If Not Van, Why Not Bruce?


For quite a while now, even before the passing, Glen Hansard has been taking the Big Man's nephew, Jake Clemons, out on the road with the various incarnations of The Frames, The Swell Season, and pretty much all the rest of the Dublin Diaspora.

And together they've often covered the Boss' Drive All Night wicked, wicked good.


Earlier tonight Springsteen played Kilkenny, Ireland.

And Bruce brought Hansard up on stage during the encore (Jake was already there as he has been all Wrecking Ball Tour long).

And this is what happened...

Once, not too long ago, my brothers and I got to reminiscing....And the youngest amongst us, who is the real musician in the family by the way, said the following (with a big smile on his face)...."When I was a kid I always wanted to go in a bar with Dad and order a 'Kilkenny'!"...Ya, our Dad's name is Ken...And he meant it affectionately because he wanted to wallop Ken, hard, on the shoulder (something every single rugby player in Southwestern British Columbia between 1955 and 2005 knew they could never, ever do if they wanted to keep their nasal septa intact)...
Van reference?...Well, there once was a thing called the 'Kenny Van', which was a 1970 VW (still barely then) MicroBus that I learned to drive on, circa 1976 (and that we all drove and drove and drove, sometimes all night, until the bottom fell out of the thing sometime in the early '90's if I remember correctly)....But actually, that's not really it....Instead...This.



Kim said...

JJ Cale passed yesterday.

Rest in Peace, Mr. Cale.

RossK said...

Thanks Kim,


Geezer Rockers already have a whole medley workin'.


Kim said...

Since he practically wrote the soundtrack for them...

RossK said...


Great point.

Was actually thinking of the specific group of Geezers I play with, electrified, occasionally.