Tuesday, July 09, 2013

The Lack Of Hard News From Westside-Kelowna Is Deafening...


...But here are a couple of tidbits from WX1130's 'Staff' posted at lunchtime on Bye-Bye Eve:

...Trevor Rockliffe with Castanet News tells us the premier has upped her game since she lost to the NDP’s David Eby in Vancouver-Point Grey.

“After seeing what happened down there and watching election night then… It looks like she is certainly more engaged. She’s around at all the events possible, from walking in parades to cutting cakes, she’s certainly making her presence known,” says Rockliffe...



Guess the good Mr. Rockliffe missed.....This.


And then there is the following, from the Lotsulandian voice of Angus Reid's Big Bamboozlepalooza on May 14th, Mario Canseco (who's working for somebody else now):

...Pollster Mario Canseco with Insights West believes the premier will win the by-election, but admits no one knows by how much, because surveys done during by-elections are notoriously tricky.

“Even when you find those residents of the area who may be willing to talk to you or to answer an online survey, it’s difficult to really factor that in and really get into how many of them are actually going to show up and vote,” he explains...



Too bad Mr. Canseco didn't tell us about that 'difficulty to factor' (a.k.a. 'sample bias') in the days and weeks BEFORE the big Bamboozlepalooza...

I'll have more to say about that soon, based primarily on reports by Angus Reid himself in Macleans and The Dean in the VSun.


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