Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why EthnicGate Should Be At The Top Of Every Editor's Pile.


Last night we noted that, after a pre-election emptying of his flask, Keith Baldrey has gone back to carrying the water to help douse the QuickWins/EthnicGate fire that was re-lit in Ledge over the past two weeks.

Well, as Ian Reid says, we shouldn't forget that Vaughn Palmer has been strapping the flask back on recently too.

Ian also makes it crystal clear why this matter does actually matter:

"...The Opposition came up with an email the Dyble investigation sat on, that appears to recommend offering a bribe as a way of keeping damaging information from harming the Premier.

Subsequently, the person who was the subject of the offer has confirmed that some kind of offer was made.

In other words there is an allegation of a criminal offence. It appears to be well founded. The head of the civil service sat on the allegation. The allegation doesn’t appear to have been investigated. The offence covers-up some other allegations that appear to go directly to the Premier..."


The Puffed-Up Pro-Punditry of Lotusland....

Can someone remind me, one more time, what it is, exactly, that they are good for?



Anonymous said...

...what it is , exactly, that they are good for?

"Nothing" would be too easy.

In the absence of religious devotion, for many, reading MSM dogma from on high, is a form of self-flagellation for being naughty progressives. You feel well and truly spanked after repeating the mantra...

RossK said...

Anon Above--

A most interesting perspective.

Hadn't thought of it that way but now that you mention it, perhaps I should have these weird, red welts on my back looked at...


North Van's Grumps said...

I've heard this scenario somewhere else, within the BC Liberal Government... oh yeah.... Blizzard! Boss Power: $30 million payout by Minister Coleman on the Court House Steps to avoid explaining to the Public IF it had gone to Trial.

"British Columbia taxpayers are on the hook for $30 million after senior civil servants in the Energy and Mines Ministry, acting against advice from the attorney-general’s office, halted a uranium mining project near Kelowna by instructing B.C.’s inspector of mines to ignore it." - SCOTT SIMPSON, VANCOUVER SUN OCTOBER 20, 2011

Anonymous said...

NVG - that was exactly the story that broke me, and turned me into a vocal pain in the butt on SM and elsewhere.....not that it was worse than anything else, just too much accumulation of Abbotsford etc. - And specifically, the Boss Power story had such a short media span - Somebody make it stop :-) Merv

RossK said...

Merv and NVG--

This is a recurring theme...

It was the failure of the local media to really dig into the BC Rail thing that most pushed me into starting up this little F-Troop list blog thing.


kootcoot said...

" what it is, exactly, that they are good for?"

As mentioned above, saying nothing is too easy.....even easier is what our so-called media is bad for - justice, democracy, equality, the environment (by pushing consumption) and of course an informed public!

Anonymous said...

Palmer's July 25th piece: "The New Democrats pick themselves up..."is the reason we flagellants continue to mortify our spirits--you just never know when the MSM has a go to Jesus moment and tells the truth, and even utters the name: Mackin!

"Health care provided the New Democrats with a strong ending to the session as well. The Liberals had tried to shift blame away from themselves for that controversial $25 monthly wheelchair fee being charged by the Fraser Health Region.

But the orders originated with the Ministry of Health, according to documentation obtained by freelance investigative journalist Bob Mackin and cited by the New Democrats in question period Wednesday."

ps part-time paramedics are having difficulty getting paid. Go to am 1130 for more.

Sadly Hooked