Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Therapeutics Initiative, ctd...A Very Important Piece By Andrew MacLeod In The Tyee Today.

This post is absolutely snark-free.

It involves the situation regarding the funding, or, to be more precise, the current lack of funding, from the provincial government of British Columbia to the Therapeutics Initiative at the University of British Columbia.


It is my opinion, based on my reading of the popular press and some of the scientific literature, that the Therapeutics Initiative does very valuable work for all British Columbians.

Therefore, I am also of the opinion that the work of the Therapeutics Initiative should continue to be funded by the provincial government.

However, before I link to Mr. MacLeod's piece I have to make three things crystal clear to you, dear reader, just in case you were wondering...

First, while I have had no direct scientific or professional interactions with members of the Therapeutics Initiative I do work at the same institution as the one that houses it.

Second, some members of Therapeutics Initiative and I have the same boss because we work in the same faculty at that institution.

Third, I had not previously received, nor had I previously read, a letter that is contained in Mr. MacLeod's column.

Got all that?


Please go and have a good read of Mr. MacLeod's piece because I really and truly do think that it is important.


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