Wednesday, July 10, 2013

How To Save Newspapers (That Aren't Anymore?)...Mr. Willcocks Weighs In.


And his main message, in addition to the upfront requirement for the denial of the coming demise of the current incarnation to end, I think, is:

'The more experimentation the better'

And I do not disagree.

But then you have to figure out how to do that experimentation with incentives and rewards and all that that will help people who have to make a living at it in the end take the leap.

On that front I have a really crazy experimental suggestion for Paul in the comments.

I reckon that it is not something that the estimable Jeff Lee will even want to consider.

But Tom Hawthorn and Rod Mickleburgh might.

At least in principle.

But enough of all that...

Go give Mr. Willcocks' piece/post a read, pronto.


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