Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Morning Ride.


Actually, in addition to all this T-shirt and shorts stuff, I ride a lot in the winter too - just three or four days a week instead of five or six.

And it has nothing to do with my license.

Although, just to be clear, I almost lost it awhile back.

Not for anything I did on the road or anything.

In fact, after thirty-seven years of driving I'm still moving violation-free which is probably more a dumb-luck thing than anything else.

Anyway, after we came back from California I took a long time to get my BC license renewed and, well...

In the end they made me take a road test.

Was kind of fun actually, and the folks that did the testing, etc., were very professional and really, really good at their jobs. I was impressed.

The great comic strip above, by Hilary Price, came my way from a reader who left it on the comment thread to Monday's post. Can't thank 'em personally 'cause of the Anon-O-Mouse Rules, but I can thank them here.


Bit of a round up...

Bob Mackin has the paper to show that it was the Snooklandians, not the health authority itself, that called for the wheelchair tax to be implemented.

Les Leyne has a good analysis up on the rising costs of compensation to those who are running our (still?) Crown Corporations in this time of the tightening of most (but certainly not all) belts...

David Schreck (not Shrek!) calls advocacy on a report by 'Sustainable Prosperity' that was trumpeted by the Cluffmaster Flash pretty much uncritically this morning which says that the Carbon Tax has worked like a magically delicious lucky charm...

Sooey wants to know why, exactly, private energy companies are allowed to go door-to-door disguised as representatives of government agencies...Sooey's in Ontario, but I sure felt the same kind of bile rising phenomenon when similar folks came knocking at my door, repeatedly, trying to get me to lock in to longterm gas prices out here in Lotusland....

Jay Rosen steps back a little from the Nate Silver/538 jumping from the NYT to ESPN thing and explains how the 'personal franchise site' seems to be really working it...

A Canadian study, commented upon by Tom Jacobs in Salon, suggests that uber-Cons really are shinier, happier people... Personally, I'm surprised they just didn't ask Michael Stipe and Co.



kootcoot said...

I have no personal experience with this privatized gas plan scam, seeing as my choices are $500 worth from a propane truck or a 100 lb tank. But my understanding is that if the prices go down, you are still locked in to the higher price you signed up for, but if prices go up too much the company (reseller) can conveniently go belly up and you are forced to buy at the higher current price. Kinda head you lose and tails you lose but friends of the LIEberals win either way!

Anonymous said...

Vancouver's getting a some kind of bike share...

Here's how it's working in DC & NYC

RossK said...




Thanks Anon--

I've used the share in Montreal and it is a fantastic thing when you're visiting the downtown area and surrounding environs.