Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Meet The New Friendly, Same As The Old Friendly.


After it was clear that he was on the outs with the Wizards of Snooklandia (for being mildly critical) during the election campaign just passed I was surprised to see that Mr. Keith Baldrey was helping to circle the 'QuickWins No Longer Really Matter' wagons last week and, again, today.

But then, belatedly, I read Harvey O's post on the departure of CTV's Rob Brown for greener pastures (and browner cow pies) in Alberta.

Harvey, as you might expect, focussed mostly on what this means in terms of jockeying for TeeVee news positions locally as well as Mr. Brown's longer-term future professionally.

And then he wrote the following regarding Mr. Brown's work on election night:

...I was impressed on BC Election night how he managed to corral Premier Christy Clark for an exclusive interview right after she left the stage, while other media rushed to catch up. But then I noticed his soft questioning and his calling her “Christy” and that kind of dulled it for me. (I NEVER called a Premier Gordon or Mike or Glenn or Bill during an interview … or gave an interview any of them liked more than my viewers did)...


Do you think somebody might have gotten the message after that?


Put another way, regarding the 'other media rushing to catch up'....

Does anyone seriously think that it is the media members themselves who decide who gets the goods on such first name 'exclusives'?

After all, it's not like, for example, Mr. Baldrey didn't his share of such 'exclusives' in the past before the message was sent by the Wizards.

If you get my drift.



Grant G said...

Ross K....You wrote earlier about the BC Liberal deficit coming in $178 million more than forecast..Big news right?

Baldrey, Good, Palmer have deflected for years, deflected what Damien Gillis so effectively highlighted on video.

Vaughn Palmer(Today) wrote about the budget update surprise..

I put out a challenge to you Mr. K..

Read Vaughn`s article..


I challenge you to find in it anywhere that the BC Liberals were over budget, over their forecast deficit, in fact I suggest that once you read that Palmer article you will come away believing that the BC Liberals actually are running a near $2 billion dollar surplus..

My gawd Ross..Vaughn Palmer might as well be put on the BC Liberal payrole(if he isn`t on it already)

The three stooges Palmer, Baldrey and Good have gone deep into the dark void of criminal spin and partisan denial..

How can Vaughn Palmer look himself in the mirror after writing that article, especially with our provincial debt now over $170 billion dollars.

kootcoot said...

British Columbia makes Detroit look financially healthy!

RossK said...

Will take up the challenge Grant - thanks.



You know, in retrospect, I'm kinda surprised that the usual suspects didn't blame African Americans in general, Barry Gordy, and the Auto-Unions specifically when Jamie Dimon et al. pretty much sent the entire world into bankruptcy.

And, of course, Welfare Queens. I missed them.