Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Even If They Aired The Bogus Bollywood Awards More Often Than Seinfeld Re-Runs...


...They would still probably not make it to Ms. Clark's fake 400 that she claimed watched the 'event' live back in April.


I'd like to know where Ms. Bond even got her latest Sweet 60:

(all fake numbers in millions....allegedly)

The real numbers?....The eleven million dollars, give or take, that we no longer have for programs because Ms. Clark spent them on (not) appearance fees, PR and vote buying.
And a couple of other things for Ms. Bond....Bogus Bollywood TeeVee viewers do not, in anyway whatsoever equal jobs...According to the fine folks who are tracking my visitors and reporting them to whomever, the current population is approximately 34.45 million....Two times that is actually quite a bit more than sixty...Therefore, you may want to make up some new fake numbers...



paisley said...

I guess nobody told CC that 1/3 of the population in India doesn't have access to electricity to power a TV or anything else for that matter.

RossK said...


Emily Jackson of Metro has real (i.e. actually backed by something that is not just made up) numbers of first viewing...Based on that viewership was half of even Ms. Bond's Sweet 60.