Friday, July 19, 2013

My Morning Ride...


A few days of science-geek bunkering sandwiched between long stints in the cigar-tube always enhances my sense of cardiofitlessness.

But, strangely enough, the rest always gives my legs a boost.

So I was pumping hard over the little hillcock between Main and Nat Bailey along 30th this morning when I saw a kid of maybe five or six slowly, and so happily, skipping and spinning a few steps ahead of her Grandma. I'm pretty sure they were on their way to Hillside pool, both without a care in the world, for an early swim.


littler e. has one of her best friends from the early days of elementary school over for a few days. This particular friend moved away a couple of years ago before the grade sevening and the first year of high school happened.

And the two of them are growing up really fast, which I couldn't help but notice when I got home from New Cleveland last night.


By the sounds of it they were up without a care in the world until at least about 3am.

Which I really didn't mind.

And I didn't wake them up before I left for work either.


Even the Whackadoodle kept it down this morning.


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