Tuesday, July 30, 2013



Norm Farrell was on CFAX radio with Ian Jessop this afternoon, talking about the craziness (my descriptor, not Norm's) that is going down the BC Investment Management Corporation, particularly as it pertains to large investments in unethical companies and runaway executive compensation.

Norm's in the first half-hour of today's podcast from Mr. Jessop....Here.

(it's really worth the listen)

And the best part?...Norm will now be a regular monthly feature on Mr. Jessop's program...
And, because it came up during the conversation....This...If Mr. Bateman wants to go down the investment performance tie-in/apologia road, I'm pretty sure that Norm has the Washington State comparables ready for him...Meanwhile, by all means,  go after the salaries of Translink cops.


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