Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Who Knew Woody Harrelson Played The Hot Corner For The Double-Knit Royals


And after they compared gloves they compared scars...

Woody was impressed by the mishmash of collagen fibers covering the Human Vacuum Cleaner's biceps tendon caused by a gruesome spiking that occurred at Vancouver's then Capilano (now Nat Bailey) Stadium in 1959.

Found this image of Brett and Brooks (not a country music duo, btw) at one of my favourite baseball blogs...Ninety Feet Of Perfection.



Billy P said...

Yikes. I just had my biceps (third distal) re-attached one week ago today, although it was work related. Not a day at Playland.

RossK said...


Brooks' was work related too. That Cap/Bailey (not ever Big Bank for me) foul ground is just so darned narrow.

Hope yours is better soon.

But, come to think of it, a wounded wing is no reason to avoid a day at Playland.