Friday, July 12, 2013

The Real Problem With $500 Million Dollar Rooves And Massive Casino Subsidies.



Update: July 12th, 2014....For those of you stopping off thanks to Norm Farrell's pointing on the Twittmachine, the latest bit of griftyness that has gotten up my nose is....This.
More to come...

Lots of folks, including some I know in the real world, have been asking me why I've been getting all worked up about these things.


And I'll be frank.

Personally, it's the all pervasive smell of the grift that has gotten up my nose.

And that smell is telling my brainstem to look hard, really hard, for any and all evidence of a deeply-rooted 'pay-to-play' system that seems to be the dominant driving force behind all the 'big' things that are happening in Lotusland these days.

And that, I think, is reason enough to pay close attention.

But then, every once in a while I'll read something, something like Daphne Bramham's latest piece in the VSun, which makes me realize that this is about much more than that.

Because by giving away all these untold billions to those who need them least we are taking away the basic, fundamental things that we should be giving to those who need them most.


Put another way, by allowing this kind of stuff to happen we are stealing from our children.

Not sure you believe me?

Well, have a quick look at Ms. Bramham's lede, and a little bit more:

British Columbia is the worst place to be in Canada if you're a child, and it has been for all but one of the past 13 years.

The latest numbers released by Statistics Canada indicate that in 2011, British Columbia once again slipped into last place among the provinces, tied at the bottom with Manitoba.

It meant that 93,000 B.C. children lived in families whose incomes were below the low-income cut-off, known as the LICO...

{snippety doo-dah}

...And what's clear from the past 13 years - when hundreds of millions of dollars were spent on the Olympics, a convention centre and replacing the roof on a football stadium - is that wealth doesn't just trickle down.

Alleviating child poverty hasn't happened and won't without action to match the political rhetoric.

Now go and read it all and see what you think.




Bill said...

Hi Ross

Ms Bramham's column highlights the priorities and moral compass of the BC Liberals. You again connect the dots to the generational cost to the 99% that pay for the pirates "largess".

Sadly the Libs continue to operate under a "Cloak of Invinceability and Unaccountability". Too many BCers (not the readers of your blog) are either too disconnected, distracted, oblivious, or happy to look the other way. Untill the majority awaken to this con shell game, get motivated and take the gloves off the carnage will continue.

The MSM as it is currently inclined with a few notable exceptions (Ms Bramham) misinforms at great cost to the future of all but the 1%. Still optimistic, thanks for all the dot connecting and links.

RossK said...

Thanks Bill.

I really do wonder what it would take to kick the hard looking into high gear.

I mean, it's not like the stuff hasn't been (see Holman, Sean) and isn't still being (see Mackin, Bob) dug up that would warrant it...

And if one of the big outlets went after this story tooth and nail I can't imagine that it wouldn't sell papers/bring in the eyeballs...etc.


That's the big question...

Why isn't it happening?

Here's a thought...Is it because the Lotuslandian media-sphere is just too isolated?


Norm Farrell said...

Postmedia may have removed Ms. Bramham's article but the Wayback Machine comes in handy again.

B.C. is the worst place in canada to be a kid

RossK said...

Thanks for that Norm.