Wednesday, July 31, 2013

This Day In Snookland...My Core Review Is Different From Gordon's, Honest.


The PAB-Bots, backed by the utterances of he who once flung pooh on the Twittmachine, have been hard at work selling Christy Clark's 'Core Review Two'.

Here's their capsule of the 'objectives':

- Ensuring ministry programs and activities are focused on achieving government's vision of a strong economy and secure tomorrow.

- Confirming government's core responsibilities and eliminating programs that could provide better service at less cost through alternative service delivery models.

- Ensuring public-sector management wage levels are appropriate.


Just to be clear, the PAB-Bots are saying that Christy's CReview-2 is NOT the same thing as Gordon's CReview-1.

Case in point, check out that last point about going after public sector managers wages in CReview-2.

Turns out that, apparently, it was a different breed of cat that CReview-1 went after.

Again, back to the PAB-Bot-generated pabulum:

...The focus of the 2013-14 Core Review is different than the 2001-02 Core Review, given the cost-saving and efficiency work completed by the government over the past 12 years. This work has involved ongoing reviews of regulations, executive compensation, public-sector bargaining mandates and Crown corporations to help government achieve its budget targets...



They've already successfully saved costs and increased efficiencies with respect to 'executive compensation'?


How, exactly, did they do that?

Oh, ya, I remember now.

It's the Hahnification/Pseudo-Privatization Protection Plan of all those executives that really 'matter' (i.e. must be really, really well compensated at all costs).

Including, as Norman Farrell made crystal clear yesterday on CFAX-1070, the very fine folks who are currently running the BC Investment Management Corporation:

An important recent post from Norm Farrell on BCiMC, more generally, is....Here.
And, just to bring things into full relief here....Who do you think the very, very fine folks from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation are going after these days - public sector wage earners or pseudo-private sector executives?....Well....You know...
As for point #2 from the PAB-Bots noted above...We will return to that when we further dissect the matter of the hundreds of millions being spent on junk proprietary software for the school system.



Anonymous said...

I can't for the life of me imagine why there are no comments!
What's the problem? The 'gotcha' too difficult to access?
No, probably they are too dumbfounded to comment. I heard Norm's broadcast and was too disgusted to respond. Now I've had a chance to cool down.
What is it the populace don't understand? I know most of them are too busy raising families, ekeing out an existence and tending to their lives, BUT THIS IS IMPORTANT!! How do we get there attention? If I had a position such as the CEO I'd work for nothing just for the side benefits.

Look out Detroit! We aren't far behind.
John's Aghast! And disgusted!!

Anonymous said...

Terry Lake to the NDP:

I'll give you one Penticton Hospital promise for your Abbotsford Hospital promise.

CBC Daybreak South. I'll send podcast link should it appear...

Sadly Hooked

kootcoot said...

I'll see your Abbotsford and Penticton hospitals and close a bunch of 'em in the Kootenays to earn bonuses for Inferior Health Authority execs!

I'll turn Kaslo and New Denver into First Aid Stations, shut down Kimberley and Castlegar and remove surgery from Nelson and make everybody go to Trail and eat deadly germs for breakfast, lunch and din-din!

Anonymous said...

No Terry Lake interview up yet on Daybreak South, it seems less stories are making it to podcast.

Perhaps because it is summer, or perhaps Chris Walker, the velvet pitbull, is relentless, and the Mother Corp must obey...

For all who missed the I-know-I did-but-what-about-you interview, you missed a tour de force political messaging fly-blown pile.

Must be that Lake's been taking a summer spin class, and gets full points for performance

Sadly Hooked

Anonymous said...

Who was it that said "Welcome to Vacuum-land"?

Well welcome to "Vacuum-land"

(Thanks Chris Walker!):

Sadly Hooked