Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big NSA Debate In Congress Going Down...


Guardian Live

Here's a tidbit (from 6:22pm Eastern):

...Watching this rapid-fire debate, it's almost impossible to determine the party of any given speaker. Roughly, it's a liberal Democrat and far-right conservative coalition vocally in favor (of the amendment to gut NSA covert surveillance). But exceptions abound, and a number of far-right stars, like Michele Bachmann, oppose it.

The supporters of the amendment appeal to the program's unconstitutionality. Opponents argue that (a) metadata collection isn't intrusive at all and (b) we're at war, with terrorists...


Have Snowden and Greenwald won?

Update 4:00pm Pacific....Amendment to scrap progam fails...but just barely...And those in favour were a most interesting coalition... NOT based on party lines....Wonder what Sean Holman thinks of this.


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