Friday, February 07, 2014

A New Sunday Setlist On......


You bet.

And this one is a little different.

Because, in addition to coming your way on a weird day, there is a wee bit more story mixed in with the songs.

The first part details what Spring Training means to me (and yes, the 'Motel Slant-Six' was a real thing; just ask my 'editor').

The second part involves my thoughts on our Neil.

And a little bit more.

As for the tunes...Paul Simon (but not what you're expecting)...The Boss...Banjoized Neil....The Mangan.
And, if you're interested...The most straightforward account of what Neil's latest tour of the Great White North is all about, from Mr. Young's perspective at least, can be heard in Jian Ghomeshi's (reasonably) long-form interview on 'Q'...You can listen to it here.
Image at the top of the post...Redbird teammates S. Musial and C. Flood before the latter challenged the reserve clause for all kinds of reason that made others, but not him, rich....Photo from the always fantastic '90 Feet of Perfection'.
Finally....Here's a link to Dan Epstein's stuff...Epstein is the guy who is obsessed with baseball in the double-knit/turf-toe era...
Update....Awww Geez...Audio is way harder to fix than linear type...I called Ken Burns 'Ken Read' on the tape when I was talking about his fantastic 'Baseball' documentary...Apologies.


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