Tuesday, February 04, 2014

This Day In Snookland: Guess Who's Not Coming To Dinner...

...Or Getting Any Exclusive Interviews Anytime Soon.

Can you imagine?

A Lotuslandian proMedia unleashed to call all spades exactly what they are...

Whatever would the cronies do then?



bcwaterboy said...

Brilliant and kudos to Jill Krop for calling this little gem out into the daylight for all to see. Problem is, nobody can find Clark to get her to respond to this latest piece of skullduggery.

Anonymous said...


From Wikipedia: "Krop and her partner, Burnaby firefighter Dave Samson, had their first child, a son, on Tuesday April 22, 2008".

That would make their kid in about grade 1 now - so school issues are VERY top of mind for her.

CC on the other hand sends her child to an exclusive westside private palace of indoctrination.

Though - to be fair to CC - I don't know what kind of skool Krop's kid goes to.

Anonymous said...

Christy Clark is not running this province. I think someone else is?

Christy with her economic and job action plans are identical to Harper's, she doesn't have any either.

Christy too has no, decency, honor, ethics nor morals either, just like Harper.

Christy will hide until, Harper gets his dirty work done.

Anonymous said...

Yes, she did,but it was on the noon news, and it was one sentence. The 5 pm news said the NDP wanted the information released, but left out the most important part (to see if CC was involved in provoking strike) and the 6 pm news never mentioned it at all. Sorry, I am not impressed.

Anonymous said...

"Strange days have found us..."

The dubya station allows commenting re BC appeal, while fortress Mother Corp is on apparent lock-down:

Hey Radio Canada, you interested?

Keith E. said...

Well done Jill,

at least she is saying something. Not a peep as usual from the other space wasters.

Anonymous said...

BC Liberals say Christy Clark's arrogance to cost taxpayers over $1 BILLION

Anonymous said...

Hi there.
Slightly unrelated. Google "Enbridge poll" and click on news. Try and click on the Vancouver Sun article:

Majority of British Columbians oppose Northern Gateway pipeline: poll
Vancouver Sun-by Gordon Hoekstra-1 hour ago
13-19, the Justason Market Intelligence poll of 600 people also found ... The Enbridge pipeline project received approval last month from a joint ...

Where'd it go?


RossK said...

A Billion?


That's only a half a sparkle pony's discarded toenail.

Or some such thing.


Most interesting apparent disappearance.


Ya - it may have only been the noon news.

And it may have only been for a second.

But you can bet that the Snooklandian Flack-Hackery is working the refs bigtime at the moment to make sure this type of thing does not happen again.