Tuesday, February 11, 2014

What 'Problems' Are The Fed-Cons Really Trying To Solve With Their So-Called 'Fair' Election Legislation?


Andrew Coyne, in the NaPo was good.

But Alison, at Creekside, does him one better.

Here is her number one of five (a two-parter):

(Fed-Con)Problem : Investigation into election fraud in 2011 Election 33 months ago being rushed along at dangerous breakneck speeds.

Fair Elections Act Solutions:
1) Deny Elections Commissioner authority to compel documents and witness testimony (with individual authorizations from the courts) - a power nonetheless already enjoyed by elections chiefs in most provinces : Yukon, Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick...

(snippety doo-dah) 

2) The Del Mastro clause. Require Elections Canada to inform subjects they are being investigated while preventing EC from telling the public about it...

Go read all five.



scotty on denman said...

What problems? When unexpectedly denied his majority Steve was forced to sandbag through his second minority for an extra couple years just to maintain his bluff, including choreographed smack-downs of some of his "base" backbenchers. The notion voters might warm to Harper was questioned; hedging this risk, he led the most negative, character-assassinating, underhanded campaign ever and admitted a cold fact in winning his first majority: he only won by default because the Liberals collapsed, which put paid to any hope of warming between him and voters. It did mean he could, without having to sweat popularity, devote a last mandate to his opus magnum; so, on victory night, as planned, he went all in on Northern Gateway and started to deploy against that project's biggest opponents; his successful character assassination tactic expanded to fit a whole community and thence by association, all BC First Nations blocking his pipeline. Still had a couple years to get it done.

So now here he is, bit more'n a year to go, appears way behind schedule, political capital running low, all in but lookin' like he's way overplayed his hand. And just up ahead where he's been dug in for a while now, an opposition more resolute than ever. Why?

Why Attawapiskat? There are hundreds of impoverished reserves to choose from, lots with amateurish bookkeeping. The timing was simply convenient to the plan. I'm convinced it was targeted because it's remote enough to avoid a repeat of Mohawk or Six Nations getting surrounded by belligerent rednecks (from which FNs might draw sympathy from TV viewers) but not so much it didn't have an airport large enough for news media to zoom into ( TV viewers could associate the Cree with sensationalized, repellent vignettes of poverty night after night---until racism reliably characterized all FNs as no-count). yet the Attawapiskat card turned up pretty bad for Steve, not only because it fomented the eye-opening Idle No More Movement: it made Harper's earlier official apology to First Nations for abuse atresidential schools look insincere and, worse, it steeled the resolve of pipeline opponents, especially BC FNs. John Duncan, the reserved Indian Affairs Minister, gave a preposterously lame excuse for resigning his portfolio; he just may have quit out of disgust when he realized what was going on---his wife and children are BC FN.

Jeez, for a guy was supposed to be some kinda shrewd political genius, I dunno...
...kinda looks like Steve's gonna have to work past his retirement date so recently planned. And, as usual, his popularity has dropped, maybe at a bit faster rate than before.

So that's his problem: he thinks he can finish the pipeline only by winning and because his and the party's popularity is now so low, it looks like he can't win without cheating. Some genius!

Anonymous said...

Harper does have all his ducks in a row to cheat the next election too. Kinda hard to miss.

Harper and ex BC Liberal Premier Gordon Campbell are both Bilderbergers. They were likely chosen for their, evil dictatorships and because,they are also sociopaths and the best pair to destroy Canada, for the bottomless pits of greed, the corporations.

The CNR was sold to the U.S. Evil Campbell sold the BCR to the CNR. Campbell worked with Harper, to destroy and dismantle BC. Harper nearly burst into tears when, his good buddy was forced to resign. Campbell hung around to do more dirty work for Harper.

Obama hammered out a Health Care Plan, in line with Canada's. Harper encouraged Canadians to shop across the border. Even making it easier for Canadians, to bring more goods back home.

Flaherty is now going to bring Canada's cost of living, comparable to the U.S.

We have American Police, operating in Canada, exempt from our Canadian Laws.

Big business has been pushing very hard for the NAU. They want only a single government to deal with, rather than three.

The 3 Amigo's are having another meeting, very shortly. I smell a big fat NAU rat.

Anonymous said...

Money Doesn't Grow on Trees

The Department of Public Works no longer pays for the watering of plants in federal government buildings due to budget cuts. The “discretionary expense” of plant watering was downloaded to departments, which must now decide whether to take over the responsibility by April 2015.

The House of Commons, like the Department of Defence, has decided that it will not pay to water the plants in its offices on and around Parliament Hill and will instead sell them online.

Looks like supports to veterans are not the only services being pruned.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers if all that wasn't enough, they're luring our heros to the dark side:



Anonymous said...

Sigh...where will it end?--the great hand of Steve has extended to the elections, our heroes, our CBC comments...well, except when the story shines late winter sunshine on the Cons:



Grant G said...

This is how we make a difference, through voices, communication and information..

Canada`s youth are electronically wired, get the message out.


Anonymous said...

With respect Grant G, in the interest of democracy and civility, I suggest that you tone down the rhetoric:

Grant G said...
No worries Jon Ghun..

What we need is violence, war in the woods, protests outside of Christy Clark`s home..

Democracy is getting very close to people raging in the streets, anarchy, violence, no safe harbours for politicians and corporate leaders..

Eh Janet Holder...

Corporate leaders need to live somewhere, nowhere is safe from an angry public.

Governments are showing us the way, laws, rules and regulations mean nothing to Government and corporations.

Therefor laws, rules and regulations will mean nothing to the public either.

Enbridge approval and building will result in a human wall of resistance, people will die on both sides.

It`s the only way

February 10, 2014 at 7:11 PM

Grant G said...

With respect to anonymouse clowns..

Go Fork yourself.

Grant G said...

Sorry Ross K..

Just another anonymous coward bending over accepting the status qou..

Glad you read my comments under my posts though, too bad you don`t understand that a passive take what a corrupted Government shoves down our throats is a-ok will solve nothing..and will result in everything we don`t want happening..

WWI WWII wasn`t won with civility.

Start your own website/blog and say please, pretty please Government and see what it gets you..

Good Day

Grant G said...

One more thing, if you are going to paste my comments paste the link to the article they are placed under.

Anonymous said...

I know this is off topic, But I'm sure you will find this latest Babine Forest issue of interest.


RossK said...

Thanks All--

And thanks vey much Anon-Above for the heads-up.