Wednesday, February 05, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Reverse Sparkle Pony!


The current Snooklandian (anti?) Education Minister says that the cult's decade-long destructive and duplicitous action against public school teachers in British Columbia will now cost the people (i.e. NOT the Snooklandians) one billion dollars.

Rob Shaw, now of the VSun, has the story:

VICTORIA — The provincial government can't afford the $1 billion it predicts it would cost to honour a court case it lost to B.C. teachers, says the education minister.

Peter Fassbender said Tuesday his government will appeal last week's B.C. Supreme Court ruling, which retroactively restored class size and composition levels that the government improperly stripped from teachers' contracts in 2002...

And where do those numbers come from?


The apparently arithmetically-challenged Minister isn't saying.

As for the internal Snooklandian documents that led the judge in the case to conclude that the Snooklandians themselves were bent on provoking a 'wedge issue on a silver platter' with the teachers (i.e. a 'strike')?

The previous (anti?) Education Minister, a very fine fellow named Abbott, says those are bogus and/or irrelevant.

But, will the Snooklandians release release said documents?


Apparently the dog ate that homework too.

These people really are preposterous.

And they have been playing politics with our (but not Ms. Clark's) children since 2002.


As for this 'wedge issue on a silver platter' business....Well, that was a thing 'invented' by the Campbellerians way back when in an effort to bamboozle a public and win an election...Imagine that!
What's a Sparkle Pony?....Ask Pammy!



Hugh said...

What a crock. They recently spent $billions on a fancy new bridge and a fancy new stadium roof.

Anonymous said...

I see the BC Liberals as, Harper's satellite party. Harper and Campbell worked very diligently, to destroy BC. Christy is just another Campbell in a skirt.

Christy lied and cheated to win her election, just as Harper and Campbell did. She campaigned on, thousands of jobs for BC. Christy's economic and job action plans are identical to Harper's she doesn't have any either.

Christy threw her families first under the bus as well.

Anonymous said...

Wrote off 6 million after they sold off our railroad to pay the two to keep quiet.

Shadow tolls on the sea to sky, but the rest of us have to have a credit card for Kevie's new bridge, PLUS pay the shadow tolls (taxes) for those who use the sea to sky.

Plus this governments loss to the healthcare union who won in the SOC. Cost what? 80+ million.

These guys and gals are lying despicable human beings.

But you know, they just don't care. They carry on, shove it down our throats, because "they" are in charge - Dictators. Doesn't matter that the law is against them. But then again, their former leader didn't care about the law either, broke it, and we all pay.

Anonymous said...

Closing minutes on that dubya station: did I really hear Ill Good say that the appeal was not really an appeal, more like time in the corner for both kids...

And then there's this: the issue of private schooling for some is too personal...

e.a.f. said...

Yes, it would be very entertaining to know where Fassbender came up with the $1B figure. Its the type of figure one comes up with after being on a fast bender. Then of course the lieberals don't seem to understand simply math.

On the other hand, even if it were to cost a billion, who cares? Not I. A billion here, a billion there. The lieberals have been tossing that type of money around like it was change, like did someone forget the stupid meters cost about a billion? Money spent on the education of children, is money well spent, and that is from someone who does not have children. Without a well educated population a country can not maintain competitive or civil.

scotty on denman said...

Everything's in billion-dollar increments with the BC Liberals these days, it seems.

Why can't it be something like, "Let's flood the Peace River with billions of dollars of agricultural investment"...I read somewhere there's gonna be a huge drought south of the border--- some potential there, no?

Noticed the government getting a little shirty about the judicial allegation they deliberately attempted to foment labour tumult as a matter of ideologically-bent tactics. Is it not possible they dragged out proceedings long enough to avail themselves of the same tactic---diversion from their wretched record, really---knowing LNG, Jobs Plan, Families First and other sugary election promises would be going a bit off by now? I mean, they did it twice, why not thrice?

Fassbender the fact bender, indeed!

RossK said...


Is it possible?

Gosh, I think it is a certainty.

Witness the latest 'delay' in the LNG tax giveaway...errrr...system.


North Van's Grumps said...

Ask "Pammy" for the second time, in under two years. This link has Pamela Martin doing an interview with HER Minister of Education.

It's bad enough when professional journalists toss softball questions to a politician, it's even worse when the professional journalist is .... being paid by the Minister of Education to ASK soft ball partisan questions.... with their script shared between them via this video.

Address to the Union of BC Municipalities which it isn't. It's on their BC Liberal Partywebsite.