Tuesday, February 25, 2014

This Day In Snookland...The Fassbender Provocation.


The Tyee's Katie Hyslop has the latest:

The lead negotiator for government in the B.C. teachers' collective bargaining process was surprised by the union's strike vote announcement this morning, especially because the union has yet to reveal its own salary counter-offer.

"[The union] does have an obligation to put their position forward for public discussion," Peter Cameron, the government-appointed director and lead negotiator for the BC Public School Employers Association, told reporters. He added the union has dropped some hints about where it's going as far as wage increases, and says it's "extreme."

"It’s going to be a position that's going to be hard to justify in the public. So it's one thing to criticize our opening position, and it's another thing to hide behind what I actually consider to be rhetoric and not present your own initial position into the debate."...


Sure thing Mr. Cameron.

After all, why should you and yours have to openly and publicly justify your position to ignore crazy-assed rhetoric like, say, a court decision?

Rather than his mouthpiece you can hear Mr. Fassbender blather on, in Snooklandian-approved pseudo-presser fashion (just like Canucks TeeVee!)... Here.
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scotty on denman said...

I have a few cherished Kafka novels on my shelf--a bilingual one I really love cuz the Czech wrote in a style of German easy for me to understand--but lately I've been having this recurring nightmare: in the dark of night the covers of those novels crack open as psychodramatic characters pry themselves out of the pages and ride ghoulish-grey clouds down to Victoria, cast as the daemon-tattered characters of the BC Liberal cabinet ...and Franz himself is writing their lines. Only this genius could synthesize The Castle, The Trial and Metamorphosis with such devilishly insidious mastery. The script is almost too hellish to describe. Then I awake and realize...

...I wasn't dreaming.

RossK said...


And it only gets worse with tomorrow's 'This Day....' post.


e.a.f. said...

poor Peter Cameron, he thinks? the union has to put their position "forward for public discussion"? Like is he on an acid trip also? duh
employer/union negotiations are not a "public discussion". its about two parties coming to work out a collective agreement, which is then sent out to the members to be voted on. Then, it will be sent out to the public.

If poor peter thinks it should be a public discussion, then perhaps we should just have a vote on it and let the voters decide how much the teachers get paid, how many students in each class and when and where to build schools., I have a good idea how things will turn out in Surrey, which is sort 10 new schools.

The lieberals simply don't get it or rather don't want to. Too much Acid, guess we can refer to Fassbender as the Acid King of Education, because he is acting like he's on a bad trip or maybe his brain isn't functioning properly after an acid trip.

All the lieberals have been doing is pouring a corrosive acid on the children of this province.,

scotty on denman said...

Put it to a vote? How would we do that? Citizens' Initiative perhaps? General elections have been disappointing.

Imagine: a successful petition forcing a referendum forcing the repeal or tabling of some bill forcing a demagogic, divisive decision on collective bargaining forcing a lawsuit forcing an appeal forcing a SCoC decision forcing everyone to recognize the Constitution...?

How did it get so weird?