Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Say Hey!....Why Perspective Matters.


In the first game of the 1954 World Series, Cleveland's Vic Wertz hit a ball to deep centerfield in the Polo Grounds.

Willie Mays, who had been playing shallow turned and hightailed it for the fences.

He caught the ball over his shoulder at the warning track.

This is just about everybody's historical 'view' of the catch, taken from homeplate...

And what did the people sitting out in cheapseats, in the Bleachers see?

Why, this, of course!

Personally, I dig the wider view of the original because it allows me to wonder about who took the second picture and where (my best guess is the guy in the window, bottom left) :

Regardless the different perspectives...

Amazing is amazing no matter how you see it.

Speaking of which...

Pitchers and catchers report to springtraining in less than a week.

So, given that, why did my face freeze off riding both to and from work today?


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