Friday, February 07, 2014

This Day In Snookland...When In Doubt Obfuscate!


And why wouldn't the fine folks running Snooklandia want to get all this screwing over of  the public school teachers stuff back before the courts?

After all, that way they could, when asked, say they couldn't talk about it.


Because, as good old Stonewally was so fond of saying back in Railgate's darkest days...

'It's before the courts!'

Or some such sub-judicey-type thingamajig.




Lew said...

I find that clip of Wally Oppal and Vaughn Palmer especially interesting, because since the time the case ceased to be “before the court”, I’ve asked Vaughn Palmer numerous times to ask Mr. Oppal if, as asserted by Alex Tsakumis, he was involved in the Basi/Virk deal. Palmer told me in December of 2012 he’d ask next time he was in touch with him. Hasn’t happened.

The implications of his possible involvement are very serious for obvious reasons. It’s just as obvious he’d quickly set the record straight if asked. So why hasn’t he been asked?

I asked Philip Till at least 120 times (I’m not kidding) from October 24th 2012 until the election last May if Wally Oppal was involved in any way, and he would not answer. I’ve asked Simi Sara, Jon McComb, Sean Leslie (I know, I know…), and thirty other local “journalists” in the MSM to find out. None will ask Mr. Oppal the simple question; were you or weren’t you? I wonder why they’re afraid to ask?

Anonymous said...

Try getting any answers about almost anything during the CBC commenting cone-of-silence-I'm-all-right-Jack Olympic games.

Hip hip hooray for those who called into Almanac just now, to say that competitive sport isn't all that, and leaves musical, artistic kids etc in the dust, and worse.

Try finding out what the future is for the removed "leadership" at the BC Ambulance while tax dollars copiously bleed to enable their sojourn in purgatory...

...nothing to look at here folks, the PAB has made an announcement compelling the BCAS herd to stfu, on this, and other matters. See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil...

The pseudo-fixer, is now, for the moment perhaps, ensconced as head fixer.... The BCAS "transition" from one government entity to another has been "success", their skeletons have been paid for and harboured.

Life and death, on hold or re-spun, while the media picks over the flesh and bones of Sochi.

Anonymous said...

The cone of silence explained: circuses before bread or cake or whatever...