Wednesday, February 19, 2014

This Day In Snookland...Who's More 'Progressive' When It Comes To Taxes?



Who's more progressive on the tax front?

Is it the 'Liberal' Ms. Christy Clark.


Is it the 'Conservative' Mr. Rick Peterson.


Let's head on over to Mr. Peterson's flock-of-flack-hackeries (aka 'press release') page for his response to Ms. Clark's raising of MSP premiums (again):

BC Conservative Leadership candidate Rick Peterson today said that the BC Liberal budget underscores the need for serious and substantial tax fairness reform in British Columbia, a key plank in his BC Conservative Leadership campaign.

“Taxes impact people differently” said Peterson, a Vancouver businessman, “and it’s important to keep that in mind when looking at a budget like this one.

“Income taxes factor in your ability to pay, whereas consumption taxes typically provide you with a choice. MSP fees largely ignore both of these principles of tax fairness, which is why they are so very lethal.”

Peterson pointed out that the Liberal budget’s projected $184 million surplus for next year comes largely from a $115 million increase in Medical Service Premiums.

“When you consider that a low income family earning $ 31,000 a year is being asked by the Clark government to pay the same $138.50 per month as Jimmy Pattison, it’s no wonder BC leads Canada in child poverty..."


Has Mr. Peterson told his wine country pal about this?

Tip 'O The Touque to the Tyee's Andrew MacLeod on the Twittmachine for the heads up on Mr. Peterson's creeping socialistic/progressive tendencies hidden behind that 'tax fairness' monicker...



Anonymous said...

“The neo-conservatives, who are closely linked to the neo-corporatists, are rather different. They claim to be conservatives, when everything they stand for is a rejection of conservatism. They claim to present an alternate social model, when they are little more than the courtiers of the corporatist movement. Their agitation is filled with the bitterness and cynicism typical of courtiers who scramble for crumbs at the banquet tables of real power, but are always denied a proper chair.”
― John Ralston Saul, The Unconscious Civilization

So...faux-Lib Christy and her cabal are truly Neo, and Mr. Peterson is at least on taxes, a Non-Con.

I suspect he got into a bad pattern as a youth, and ran with the wrong crowd.

"Why being liberal really is better than being conservative?" Except when it's not?


Anonymous said...

The Budget did have some really...really good news....and I'm sure that economists & business people who support the Liberals are pleased to hear.....

" The budget also sees an increase in total debt to $68.9 billion over three years, but a drop in debt-to-GDP ratio to 17.8 per cent by 16/17.
That is a third of Quebec's debt-to-GDP ratio "

That's right.... Quebec..... Not Alberta or Saskatchewan..... but Quebec. Who thinks this stuff up ????

Guy in Vic

Anonymous said...

But on the other hand Jim has done a lot for this province I remember something that he did in the 8o's he worked endless hours for a 1$ a day ,donates generously often and builds whole wings in a hospital complex helping a lot of people and there are a whole lot more but nothing is ever mentioned about that very often.

Anonymous said...

Ok, we left a mess for Adrian, and we can't clean it up so--when all else fails: play the Jesus card:

RossK said...

Thanks for both SH--

Both are doozies


Can you send me a link?



This post was in no way meant to be a slag on Jimmy the P. It really is all about the gratituous way that Mr. Peterson used his name to support his rather bizarre attempt to pretend that his 'tax fairness' argument is NOT actually a tacit admission that progressive taxes do help those at the bottom of the ladder.


e.a.f. said...

raising medical premiums so the money can be put into general revenue rather than the medical system, is the only way they can find any money left. people can decide to not pay all sorts of things, but their medical premiums, most in /b.c. pay them. Its not about who pays how much its that they are being raised at all. Our medical system is supposed to be about everyone paying the same, to get the same service, regardless of their income. B.C. is only one of two provinces where people actually have to pay medical premiums.

the lieberals couldn't balance a budget properly if they were running the only crack house in a street full of junkies.

what they claim is a balanced budget is very misleading it doesn't actually deal with the debt b.c. is already carrying. all this budget may do is have enough money in it to meet this years bills. we still have all those other old bills to pay and of course, this budget hasn't factured in the lack of decent schools in Surrey, hasn't factured in what needs to be done about child poverty in B.C., no this budget stinks on ice.

Anonymous said...

Here's the link.... check the very bottom of the story...

Guy in Vic

RossK said...

Thanks Guy.