Thursday, February 06, 2014

Lotusland's Best Map So Far This Year.



What is it exactly?

Why, it's a map of all of the 'Neighbourhood Book Exchanges' in the City of Vancouver.

Which are sometimes called 'pocket' or 'little free libraries' where folks in the neighbourhood leave books for each other to read.

For free.

No strings attached.


The list was compiled by the GStraight's Miranda Nelson.

Here's the lede to her story:

As an avid reader, I adore the many neighborhood book exchanges that have popped up around our city in the last few years.

The concept behind the exchanges is simple: enterprising citizens build a dry storage space, usually visible from the street. Patrons are encouraged to take or leave a book (or two) as they like, which ensures a diversity of titles that rotate fairly quickly over time...
I just love the whole idea and execution of these little gems.

(and, of course, it is also most interesting as to which parts of town they aren't located in)



macadavy said...

Perfect! I will of course immediately cease all book donations to the VPL which might ensure the continuance of one of our civilizations' most magnificent achievements: the free public lending library!


RossK said...



We need both.