Saturday, February 01, 2014

The Feckless Are Wrecking Everything.


Ian Reid has another good one up.

This time he's talking about people who just make crap up out of wrongheaded conventional wisdom because they won't read.


If they do read, they have no idea what they actually read.

Here's Ian's lede (but I suggest you head on over to his place to read the entire thing given that he actually has actual quotable quotes and the like there):

It surprises me how often great men—it is rarely women—fail to actually read or consider the actual sources of their thought as they roll through life.

For example there is a bit of a war splashing about relating to what Adam Smith had to say about taxation and other anti-capitalist tools.

The star of CBC’s Dragon’s Den, Kevin O’Leary, seems to feel Adam Smith was completely opposed to taxation because that is so anti-Capital.

Except it’s not true. Really not true. Smith was a strong supporter of taxation. All you have to do is read the opening chapter of the fifth book of the Wealth of Nations, the foundational textbook of capitalism....

All of which is bad enough, in and of itself, I suppose.

But I honestly believe that the real problem is not that there are feckless blowhard's like Mr. O'Leary flinging their rancid codswallop reeking of ignorance into the public discourse pool.

Because the those kinds of people have always been, and always will be hanging around poolside.

Instead, the real reason our to pools are now filled to bursting with corrosive pig-slop is the fact that there are so many people who know better but who refuse to raise a finger to stop the codswallop flingers.


And, as I mentioned  over at Ian's place, it's not just a lack of reading comprehension that is killing us...There is also the matter of a 'watching' comprehension deficit as well...How else to explain the fact that so many crony capitalists (and their enablers) consistently list 'It's A Wonderful Life' as their favourite movie?
Speaking of Hell (see the sub-header, above).....Sooey!....I'm telling you, nobody can write righteous outrage better than Sooey can...



Bill said...

Ian Reid is so right and Oleary is so wrong (as always - and in all ways). Ian is as amazingly informative as he is inspirational.

And Sooey is so on the money / funny, outrageous in the best of ways. In my experience and opinion she regularly writes circles around the "professionals". She is a hilariously gifted / talented "minimum wage earner", always a great read.

Full credit and thanks to you Ross for all your posts, and eclectic sidebar. Your blog is where I always start my crawls.

RossK said...

Thanks so much Bill.

Ian is amazing and I, for one, read every single word Sooey writes...Was a little worried for awhile there when she almost shut things down because of an evil troll.


scotty on denman said...

Ah, what a great way to start my Sunday rounds---on the sunshine of new strings and a great tune.
What worker, sweating or rusted, doesn't feel it? Who?

Thnx so much!

RossK said...

You're most welcome Scotty.