Wednesday, February 05, 2014

NPA Parks Board Commissioner Pines For NoFunCouver Fjords.


Have you heard about the community in the near Eastern Townships, sometimes known as Mt. Pleasant, that decided that it liked a bit of pop-up public art in a public park that is now once again, thanks to a vote of the Parks Board, sometimes known as 'Dude Chillin' park?


Given all that, you might think would be the end of a good story where good sense, and a sense of good fun, won the day at City Hall.



Well, you know....

Image at top of the post is from 'VancoverThings'...
David Ball had a story in 24 Hrs recently wherein he quoted the good Ms. DeGenova calling the pop-up art sign 'vandalism'....Seriously.
And, just in case you missed it...There actually is a real, approved, presumably non-vandalish, bit public sculpture of an actual dude actually chillin' in the park under consideration...Imagine that!
For the record, my first ever post on the passing of the NoFunFjords from back in the day is...Here.


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