Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Big Media Journalism Can Still Matter.



Update: Looks like the company has doubled-down....And not in a good way.

There are some stories that can neither be waved away or buried by the ever growing flack-hackery.

This, from the middle of last week, was one of them:

The federal government says it is investigating claims that dozens of Canadian oilsands workers in Alberta were laid off and replaced with temporary foreign workers.

More than 60 ironworkers say they were let go from their jobs at the Kearl Mine, north of Fort McMurray, last week.

Vic Nilson, who worked at the plant since June, said he and his colleague were told to leave last week with no word as to why.

“Our jobs have been given away,” Nilson said. “We trade our lives to be up here, 14 on [and] seven days off. It was a kick in the backside.”...

Which led to a mega-crank of the big media wurlitzer that powered a spotlight so intense that, by the end of the week, the story had changed considerably:

Dozens of Canadian ironworkers who were replaced by temporary foreign workers at an oilsands project north of Fort McMurray, Alta., have been rehired, the company said Thursday...

Imagine that.



Bookmonkey said...

Not so fast....there's lies and double dealing afoot..none of them have apparently been rehired...

Dave said...

Up to this point, the union seems to have a different story. However, your point RossK is important. If journalists really want to be the purveyors of Truth, all they have to do is carry a big light.

RossK said...

Thanks BM--

So Dave, looks like the flack-hackery is fighting back?