Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Day In Snookland....Oooooooh, What's That Smell?


Harvey Oberfeld has woken up to smell the North False Creek coffee.

And he does not like the odour:

Here's Harvey O's lede:

It stinks! The move of Michael Graydon …. weeks after quitting as the President and CEO of the BC Lottery Corporation … to become President of the company in charge of building a $535 Million casino complex, in which Las Vegas-based Paragon Gaming is a major partner, near BC Place in Vancouver … stinks!

This is not to suggest, at this point anyway, that there’s any evidence Graydon did anything wrong legally: but it stinks because it shows how loose, how lax, how full of holes are the rules, regulations and laws that govern such moves by powerful, prominent officials … allowing them to cash in on their “insider” knowledge so soon after quitting.

It stinks!...

I suggest you click on through because it's a good rant.

And I, for one, am glad that the stench has gotten up Mr. Oberfeld's nose.


Unfortnately, not once does Harvey O. mention the most interesting actions of another BC Liberal appointee who actually had a financial interest in the Las Vegas concern that is now slotted-in to help build and operate the Casino-Industrial Complex next to the BC Place Stadium WHILE HE WAS STILL THE HEAD of the BC Lottery Corporation.


Subheader?....Well...You know...Sometimes it would appear that even Southern men can get things pretty much right, at least metaphorically, when it comes to the latest ongoing goings on in downtown Snooklandia.


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