Sunday, February 16, 2014

This Night In Snookland....No (Real) News Is Good News.



This bit of he said/he said/he said triple-decker stenography from the CP's Mr. Meissner does not count.

(as real news I mean)


There was something interesting in Mr. Meissner's bit (as posted-up by the VSun at least)...Which is the fact that the second deck of the stenography sandwich came not from the opposition (they were third) but instead from the Lotuslandian proMedia's most omnipresent rolodexian go-to-guy (and former astroturf afficionado), Mr. Jordan Bateman.



Anonymous said...

It used to that information on budgets was a tight lipped affair. Media & pundits would fight over each other to predict the outcome. Not so with this government. The Liberals who are so desperate for what might be considered good news are happy to have it's multi-million dollar spin factory work overtime to produce news releases well in advance. Push the so-called "Balanced Budget" theme and the sleeping taxpayers will forget about the biggest debt in history created by this bunch of cronyism taxpayer funded crooks.

Guy in Vic

RossK said...


Good points...

Please note that part of Mr. Meissner's stenography was to feed us Mr. de Jong's line that they are working on the debt too.


You know.

Sparkle Ponies!