Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Hey Mr. Putin...Is That A Ferret On Your Shoulder Or...

...Are You Just Sad To See We?

Why sad?

Well, as Andy Borowitz notes in the New Yorker...

Sometimes hockey is like freedom.


Free and unferretted elections.




Don F. said...

I am having a hard time viewing olympic competition without feeling hypocritical while people die in the Ukraine and Pussy Riot members are being whipped and beaten only miles from Sochi. Kind of puts things in a certain perspective for me.

Anonymous said...

@ Don F. not watching, or listening, if can help it, I don't want to feed the circus. Ian Reid's words on the games convinced me.

btw tried to find the recent CBC poll asking how many are watching the games/how many are not etc. Couldn't find it, but those who watched only slightly edged out those who did.

Those who watched: in the low 500's as I recall. Those who didn't were in the high 400's.