Thursday, February 20, 2014

How Bad Are The Numbers For The Harper News Network?


And, no, I'm not talking about the good folks from Sun TeeVee.

Instead, I'm talking about Mr. Harper's concerted effort to take his message 'directly' to the people each week.

Marc Weisbott of Postmedia has both the story and the numbers.

Here's his lede:

Stephen Harper’s weekly wrap-up debuted at the start of January as something a leader wary of the news media could live with: Rather than depend on reporters to explain what he has been up to, the Prime Minister’s Office would issue their official video version, with the title 24 Seven.

Well, now that the project has gone into its second month without being cancelled, it is sort of possible to measure just how much public interest there is in watching this old-fashioned narrated newsreel format — which is dominated by meta-footage of the PM posing with others at photo ops.

The debut gained enough attention to draw over 10,000 viewers of the English-language version, which dipped to under 8,000 in the second week, under 3,500 in week three...


3,500 partakers a week.


I wonder how many weekly listens we're getting with no staff, no promotion, and no budget for our late winter jukebox tunes.

Hang on a second while I go check...

There you have it... 3,711 plays in the last week.

And that's for just one tune.

In aggregate, last week the little clutch of songs and the latest Sunday Setlist garnered almost 14,000 listens....And the Advent Jukebox still had more than 10.

Ten thousand that is.


No matter how you slice it, there is no denying that the 'direct-to-you' offerings of this little F-Troop-list blog were seven times more popular than Mr. Harper's attempts to go direct to his base last week.

Did I mention our budget already?



Bill said...

No matter how much energy and hype Harper (the Piano Man) and the PMO spends on their info blog spin newesy thing - the eclectic informative offerings of The Gazeteer (tunes too) has a bigger following! With good reason.

Much better tunes here. Looking forward to the demise of Harper (and con blog) and more Gazeteer with informed commenters.

RossK said...

Thanks Bill--

Actually though...In isolation I don't mind Mr. Harper's covers at all.