Monday, February 17, 2014

This Day (Just Outside) Snookland...Spin This!


Lemonade stands, who can't run them, and all that...

The Eagle River Casino, majority owned by the Alexis First Nation, northwest of Edmonton, is in the midst of bankruptcy proceedings aimed at allowing the casino to continue operating while it restructures its debt.

Bankruptcy trustee documents obtained by CBC News show the casino, located about 10 kilometres west of Whitecourt on Highway 43, owes about $100 million and has assets of about $57 million...

{snippety doo-dah}

...The Eagle River Casino is 60 per cent owned by Alexis and 40 per cent by the Las Vegas-based private casino company, Paragon Gaming....


Then again.

I suppose it's safe to assume that this all happened BEFORE the good Mr. Graydon came on board to help run Paragon's stand in Lotusland.




North Van's Grumps said...

Using a broad brush (Google) to paint Paragon Gaming intentions into a corner: Paragon Gaming and First Nations:

One result, Alexis First Nation is highlighted at Paragon Gaming website: Taking a gamble on Alexis First Nation

.....The location of the casino was chosen because the high traffic along Highways 43 and 32 and because of its proximity to Whitecourt.

McQuilter said the operation is modeled after similar facilities on highways entering the Las Vegas area.

“Where you’re actually deriving a lot of your gaming market from the actual highway traffic and so that’s why we’re including this truck stop component. What we would like to see – we all know how busy Highway 43 is with commercial trucks – is that they spend the night in our facility or stop in, grab a quick bite to eat and have a little bit of entertainment.” ......

Anonymous said...

I don't know where to put this, so I'll just drop it here...

BC Liberals and friends are trying to taint the teachers by saying that the recent court decision is going to cost the province millions of dollars.

If memory serves: The 'old' BC Liberal cabinet ministers earned thousands of $$ if their ministries budgets came in under/on target.

Will Christina Joan have to pay back her bonus bucks she earned as then education minister? Isn't that bonus money what the court appeals are really about?

e.a.f. said...

ah, isn't that precious. bankrupt. Now of course we can see this happen in B.C., oh right, they are so good at business. yes bring a kid to run the lemonade stand and another for the cool-aid. everyone will make money and the taxpayers can pick up the rest.

building another casino isn't going to make any money. in case people haven't noticed, people don't have much money left to go out to gamble. Now of course some will say, that is exactly the time to get people to gamble, but I doubt this is going to make any one except the main players money. money for everything except schools and kids, the lieberal way, all the way.

cfvua said...

Why care about a little upside down truck stop casino when you can talk the BC liberals into a free Half $billion roof for your project. How much more will they get for free now that they have hired the inside man from BCLC